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Follow your dream... and believe!

Hey… thanks for visiting! I am Tatiana ‘Tajci’ Cameron.
I make music, travel with live events, blog
and host a TV show to inspire you to believe.

Here is a bit more!


I performed over 1,000 concerts in “I do Believe” series. These include my faith story, and a triptych of beautiful music-narratives: Emmanuel, Let it Be, and I Thirst.

My albums reflect my spiritual journey – which is quite fun to listen to with that in mind. I invite you to check it out here.


Videos & TV show

In addition to music videos, live performances captured on camera, I host a weekly TV show.

It’s broadcast weekly on CatholicTV Network and other TV stations. I interview people about their turning points – those moments in which we go back to joy and purpose.


Live Events

I love to do a combination of music and speaking for events. I like taking the audience from passive ‘spectators’ to being activated and engaged.

I also love to travel, so if you’d like a unique keynote musical event, let me know!


Watch TV Show “Waking Up in America”

Watch now!

Keep Your Head Up

Here is one of my favorite songs from my most recent album “AWAKEN.” It was filmed in Dubrovnik and Novi Vinodolski on the coast of Croatia.

Albums Produced

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My Blog

I write about people who are making a difference in our world, personal and spiritual transformation, music and travel. Read now
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