We are dedicated to develop, organize and perform highly artistic music recordings and live events which can inspire individuals to seek a deeper spiritual life.


Tajci and her husband Matthew Cameron created “I do Believe” ministries soon after they got married in 1999.

“I am passionate about providing content that moves us from being stuck in someone else’s dream and encourages us to live the life we are created for. Because only awaken to our joyful and purposeful self, we can serve and bring a positive change into our world.” – Tajči

“I studied politics and economics in order to do my part in affecting the world, and then when I was done with College, I realized music and film do a much better job on changing hearts.”
— Matthew


“As pastor of two different parishes (Sacred Heart in Annawan, IL. (2005) and St. Mary’s in Westville, IL. (2008) I can attest that my parishes both were spiritually uplifted and greatly blessed by Tajči. Her professionalism and more importantly, her spirituality, has left an indelible fondness for her family and for her mission of spreading the love of God, in Jesus Christ. If you have not yet had a “Tajči experience,” do so for the good of your parish and of your soul.”
— Fr. Timothy Sauppé, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Westville, IL.

“Tajči expresses with her God given talents a true sense of the Spirit working within her. Tajči and Matthew are truly a light in the world as examples of good parents and a committed marriage in a world that desperately needs positive models.”
— Fr. William Cocco Diocese of Wilmington Delaware.

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A singer/ songwriter and inspirational speaker from Zagreb, Croatia. Tajči and her husband and producer Matthew have developed an unique model of narrative concerts (“I Thirst – the Crucifixion Story”, “Emmanuel – the Story of Christmas” and “Let it Be – the Story of Mary”) which are seasonally broadcast on EWTN and TBN, and available on DVD and CD. As a part of the “iDoBelieve” concert series, Tajči has performed over 1,000 events.

Tajči’s other credits include: graduate of Zagreb Conservatory of Music and American Musical and Dramatic Academy, NYC; achieved platinum record sales of her pop album in 1990; production of Tajči-doll; performances at Eurovison Song Contest, at Madison Square Garden, and Carnegie Hall in NYC; author and composer of numerous children’s musicals and an inspirational full-length musical play “My Perfectly Beautiful Life”.

Tajči’s musical styles range from pop, world and jazz to classical and chant. She plays piano, guitar and accordion.

Since 2014, Tajci has been producing and hosting TV show “Waking Up in America” broadcast on CatholicTV Network weekly and published in Huffington Post.

Tajči currently lives in Franklin, TN with her husband Matthew and their three young sons.


Matthew graduated from Christendom College after which he traveled the world, motivated by his adventurous spirit, curiosity and extraordinary ability to solve puzzles (and pack light and tight).

Matthew worked in managing positions for a New Construction company in Front Royal, VA for several years before he produced  and secured distribution for a low-budget film by Chris Foley “Dioscuri”.

In 1997 Matthew moved to Los Angeles where he worked in film industry  until he met his future wife Tajči. Recognizing Tajči’s musical talent (and her ability to pack light), Matthew set out to build a non-traditional format that resulted in successful tours and over 900 concerts.

Matthew has produced three DVDs (coordinating and managing the preproduction, filming and post-production), six CDs and has worked as Vice CEO of CMG Booking in 2011.

He runs a video production company, and follows his passion of helping artists, entrepreneurs and small business owners to find unexpected solutions, focus on the bigger purpose (their ‘why’) and thrive. More at MatthewShaneCameron.com>>>