Let It Be: Mary’s Story


It’s about answering the call and saying “Yes, let be it done unto me according to Your will”

It’s both a breathtaking concert and an inspirational event, about which many have echoed Joan Frith’s (Vineland, NJ) comment: “I was very moved… You can’t describe it – you have to experience it.”

Tajči’s performance of Schubert’s “Ave Maria” is enough of a reason to make time to come and hear her live. Her musical delivery of some of the most beautiful music written about Mary, is loaded with her personal experience of faith – you can almost see her ‘leaving it all behind’ in answering her call as she sings.

And in addition to the stunning music of “Let It Be: Mary’s Story” Tajči tells the story of Mary using short scripture references and songs that reflect on that particular event.

“It was a message set to music that enabled all to understand and believe.”
— Warren Crescenzo in Vineland, NJ (after a performance)

Whether you are a mother caring for her children; a teenager discerning their place under the sun; a businessman struggling to make the best decisions for his company, his future and his family; or someone with many years of life behind this concert event will inspire you and renew your faith in the living God who whispers to our souls, calls us to trust Him and let Him lead our way.

Like Mary.


Some of the songs included in this concert
Ave Maria (Schubert)
Mary Did You Know (Lowry-Greene)
Magnificat (C. Walker)
Dosli smo ti majko draga (Croatian traditional transl: We have come to you, our mother)
Let It Be (Tajči)
Alleluia (Traditional)

Musical Arrangements
This program is usually performed by Tajči on piano keyboard/ vocal and Denny Bouchard on MIDI keyboard.

Some of the Venue Highlights
Marian Conferences
EWTN Broadcast
Magnificat Conferences and Lunches
Life Ministries (San Jose, CA)
Women’s Conferences
Avalon State Prison for Men

Approx 90 min. No intermission.

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Additional Audience Feedback
“Let it Be – Mary’s Story” concert at Sacred Heart Parish on May 14th. A few wanted to stay anonymous.

“I was so mesmerized and inspired, I didn’t even notice the storm outside!”
— Jo Caterina

“It was like a spiritual retreat!”
— Anonymous

“You told me she was so awesome. I almost didn’t come. I’m so glad I did. I can’t explain how I feel.”
— Anonymous

“Tatiana’s singing and story-telling touched my heart. You could feel the love she has for our Blessed Mother and Our Lord.”
— Angel Paladino

“I was very moved…you can’t describe it to anyone—you have to experience it.”
— Joan Frith

“It was a message set to music that enabled all to understand and believe.”
— Warren Crescenzo

“The performance that Tatiana gave at our church was wonderful. The acoustical design of Sacred Heart Church resonated with the beauty of her voice to provide an almost heavenly experience, one that revived the dormancy of our Faith and made us proud to be Catholic.”
— Anonymous

“The beauty of her voice and her love for Jesus and Our Lady is evident as she sings. Tajči truly shares her gifts with all – as we are blessed with music that fills our hearts as well as our senses. To be able to touch ones heart is only possible through God’s gifts which she shares beautifully. I was so happy to see the peace and love that were evident throughout our church – what a gift to be able to have her at Sacred Heart.”
— Anonymous

“I was really aware of the stillness from the audience during the concert…it was a spiritual experience”
— Anonymous

“At first I thought the lightning was part of the performance, I didn’t realize there was a storm happening!”
— Anonymous

“I found Tajči’s concert a calming, peaceful experience. In addition, the stories about her own life and conversion were inspiring.”
— Fran Napoli