I Thirst – The Crucifixion Story

“A Gripping Musical Drama…” – EWTN

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There is nothing like it on the music scene. Hard to compare it or reference it. We have written descriptions upon descriptions trying to capture the experience, and each time, we realize, the words alone, even the music alone, or the videos alone do not come even close.

So, we will use someone else’s description:

Joy and a sense of belonging generally fall within the context of being drawn into the life of another. When Tajči sings, however, it is not just being drawn into the dangerous last journey of Jesus – it’s also being drawn into how Tajči holds the audience breathless.  

That’s because she doesn’t just sing His walk to death; she tells the story in gestures, knowing that she has entered into the scene with her entire being and those of us in the audience just watch and realize just how much we have needed this beginning.  

For me and those who spoke with me after Tajči’s concert at St. John in Wellsburg, WV, it was a concert of love and being able to hear a pin drop. In the audience, a child cried only when the proclaiming of Jesus’ death was sung by Tajci.  

She is more than holding one spellbound. She is proud of her voice and uses it as God gives her the grace and strength to sing and speak with faith and wisdom. Go and see and hear her now. Find her in the nearest place and go. I thank God for the opportunity we had.
— Fr. Dan Pisano (St. John the Evangelist, Wellsburg, WV)

Musically, Tajči adopts and arranges a wide array of musical styles, incorporating traditions and ethnic origins into a mesmerizing musical piece. Her performance, executed with sincere spirituality, features contemporary Christian favorites such as “Via Dolorosa,” Tajči’s original songs, Hebrew and Gregorian chants and classic hymns such as “Were You There” and “O Sacred Head Surrounded.”



Some of the songs included in this concert:
I Heard the Voice of Jesus (Traditional)
Via Dolorosa (A. Grant)
Silently (Tajči and Sanya)
Eli, Eli (Tajči and Sanya)
I Thirst (Tajči/ Sanya and A. Youngblood)
I Put My Life in Your Hands (D. Haas)
Were You There (Traditional)

Musical Arrangements
This program is performed by Tajči on piano keyboard/ vocal. Depending on the budget, I Thirst can be performed with additional musicians.

Some of the Venue Highlights:
Faith Formation Parish Events
Lenten Retreats
Spiritual Retreats

Approx 90 min. No intermission.

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Additional Audience Feedback
“Tatiana’s program was nothing less than exceptional. I have heard only positive feedback from parishioners who attended. They had a beautiful experience of faith that evening – perfect for the season of Lent.”
— Father David Schalk (Christ the King Church, Columbus, Ohio)

“Many of the people I spoke with said that they were happy because they felt like they had been on a spiritual retreat. Person A: mentioned “I don’t know how well she sings (Tajči), but I know it is amazing how she transmits the message of Jesus through her music”. Another person, Person B said: “I am not catholic but I assure you she really touched my heart the way she sings”.

From my personal experience, I always say that Tajči has a special gift from God…  The most touching thing that I have to say is that I am very amazed at her love for her family and how the whole family works together to preach the Gospel through music. Tajči is a famous singer with a great simplicity of heart.  Everyone I spoke with about the concert agreed on this virtue of Tajči. Person C: “I really thought the concert was too short.”

Since this was the first time that she performed “I THIRST” bilingually, in English and Spanish, it was MARVELLOUS!!! AND IT WAS PERFECT!
— Fr. Alexis Moronta, IVE (St. Hugh of Cluny Church, Philadelphia PA)