Mood/ Genre: Beautiful arrangements, calming and uplifting.

Told through Tajči’s stunning and engaging music, “A Christmas Concert Experience” is a story of our longing to believe, of awaiting the moment in which the “Word becomes flesh and dwells among us”.

If you can only attend one event during the Holiday Season, this is the one that you, your children and your parents will all enjoy.


“My mother has been talking of Tajči for several months and told my wife, Nancy that we should attend the next show held at the Holy Trinity Church in Norwood, Ohio in December 2011. I first agreed to attend, but as the day approach, I found myself thinking of all the things I could do with my time on a weekday night…… decorate, wrap presents, do more work, exercise… anything but going back out after a long day at work! But, I reluctantly went and as I sat in the church…… It began…… the entrance of Tajci captured my attention, her presence captured eyes, her voice and song captured my ears and mellowed my thoughts…… and the presence of God entered my heart!

I felt at peace, wonderfully thinking of how much of an experience this is…… to be sitting in church, listening to Tajči’s life, her words, her music. It was wonderful and I would highly recommend this experience to any son, father, brother, uncle or grandfather…… we as men of faith need and should reach out to God with our better halves and relive what it means to be Catholic in this day and age!”
— Tom, age 45, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I sat, night after night in the audience breathless (and my hair standing on end) as Tajči so flawlessly engaged the people to sing — quietly at first — and eventually swelling to ONE VOICE singing our faith.”
— Matthew Cameron

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MORE Audience Feedback

“As pastor of two different parishes (Sacred Heart in Annawan, IL. (2005) and St. Mary’s in Westville, IL. (2008)) I can attest that my parishes both were spiritualy uplifted and greatly blessed by Tajči. Her professionalism and more importantly, her spirituality, has left an indelible fondness for her family and for her mission of spreading the love of God, in Jesus Christ. If you have not yet had a “Tajči experience,” do so for the good of your parish and of your soul.”
— Fr. Timothy Sauppé, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Westville, IL

“Tajči expresses with her God given talents a true sense of the Spirit working within her. Tajči and Matthew are truly a light in the world as examples of good parents and a committed marriage in a world that desperately needs positive models.”
Fr. William Cocco, Diocese of Wilmington Delaware