Endorsements and feedback from Clergy, concert hosts, DREs, host families, Pastoral Associates, Music Ministers and attendees

“Our parish was so blessed of your presence, ministry and family. It is, I would say, one of the most beautiful religious experiences we have had for a long time. I was telling our congregation the following morning that it was so good and so inspiring that if we all died listening to Tajci, we would have all died feeling so blessed and with a smile or tear of joy on our faces. And everyone who attended had nothing to say but accolades and thanksgiving. Please continue your marvelous work! You definitely make the face of God and the love of God real and visible! Without a doubt, we would love to have you again.”

With much respect and gratitude,
Fr. Jonathan Molina, Our Lady of Mercy, Redding CA

“I was just shooting out my thank you to the volunteers, and one thing that hit me is that in preparing for Tajci’s concert event at our parish, I had tried my best to immerse myself in her music & videos…which are not only professional but also extremely beautiful…but they, as good as they truly are, didn’t even come close to the DEEPLY ENRICHING occasion that so many of us experienced.

One more thing I would add, is that your tutorial videos and event materials make this event so easy to help put on. I’ve been part of many events & volunteer teams, and I have never experienced a team so organized and prepared as Tajci & Matthew’s…it makes the event team leaders’ jobs so manageable and enjoyable thanks to your efforts to train & prepare us in advance! I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to volunteer for your team again, and I encourage others to jump on board, they’ll be amazed at the ease of volunteering for your event & they’ll be so pleased they did!”

Liz Kearns – Our Lady of Mercy, Redding CA

“My mother has been talking of Tajči for several months and told my wife, Nancy that we should attend the next show held at the Holy Trinity Church in Norwood, Ohio in December 2011. I first agreed to attend, but as the day approach, I found myself thinking of all the things I could do with my time on a weekday night… decorate, wrap presents, do more work, exercise… anything but going back out after a long day at work! But, I reluctantly went and as I sat in the church… IT began… the entrance of Tajči captured my attention, her presence captured eyes, her voice and song captured my ears and mellowed my thoughts… and the presence of God entered my heart!

I felt at peace, wonderfully thinking of how much of an experience this is… to be sitting in church, listening to Tajči’s life, her words, her music. It was wonderful and I would highly recommend this experience to any son, father, brother, uncle or grandfather… we as men of faith need and should reach out to God with our better halves and relive what it means to be Catholic in this day and age!

We have now actually invited Tajči to our church and found that the experience is continuing to grow in our hearts, our family and beyond! What a wonderful way to experience God in any season!”
— Tom, age 45, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Schedule a concert with Tajči, and your parish will never forget the experience! Several years back, when Tajči was first offering her concert creations at the San Gabriel Mission, I knew this was exactly ‘what the world needs now.’ Love, yes! But also solid faith, enduring hope, deep joy, and selfless caring. God bless you, Tajči, Matthew, and all the family.”
— St. Jeanne Harris OP, Wordnet Productions, San Bernardino CA

“Tajči’s music was a wonderful way to prepare all those who attended, with the true meaning of Christmas. It was an amazing experience. There were times of laughter, and tears, faith, and it was a delight to see the children come up and sing with their mom and then to engage the children in the audience also.

I would share with everyone how Spirit-filled and inspiring this concert was. I was inspired by Tajči’s story of her own journey from Communist Yugoslavia and not being able to share any faith, to where she is able to inspire so many with her songs and her faith. Tajči has the voice of an angel and that really is wonderful because she is so genuine and real which is evident in the music she shared with us. She truly is a beautiful person on the inside too.”
— Fr. Bill Bruning, Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish, Topeka, KS

“Matthew & Tajči, Having your concert at my parish was a blessing to me & the members of our parrish. We just about had a full house, so the only thing I would do would be spread the word of the pleasure & value that come from your concert and contact even more ways so that the next concert would overflow the church.”
— Kathy Schultz, Saint Therese Church, Southgate, KY

“In 2009 Tajči and her family had a beautiful concert at St. Anthony’s Church in Louisville, Kentucky. On June 13th, the Feast of St. Anthony was the closing of St. Anthony’s Church. I told Tajči about the closing and she wrote a beautiful song about the closing and Tajči sung the song at her concert. She wrote it in a matter of minutes. She is very talented.

Her concert was very inspirational and meaningful. I highly recommend Tajči and her concerts for your parish. I’ve her coming to St. Mary’s Navilleton Catholic Church in Lent of 2013. If you have her and her family coming to your parish, you will not be disappointed. She is a person with deep faith and she expresses it very nicely.”
— Fr. Pius Poff, OFM Conv.

Artistically, musically, personally and spiritually, Tajči has always blessed and impressed! She’s made an indelible impression on the hearts of thousands of people around the world from the smallest rural parish to the biggest city arena. Planning a Tajči concert is accomplished with ease and as much a joy as sharing this experience with ten of your best friends and your entire family!
— Brian K. Kravec, Columnist, CatholicMom.Com

“The first time I heard Tajči was in 2009 and the biggest surprise was the effect her music and passion had on me! I was totally unprepared for that!”
— Alex Spatz, Allentown PA

“I and others were so inspired and exhilarated by the concert, we hosted a second concert at our parish.”
— Jim Koerber, St. Joseph Corydon, IN

“Tajči was an incredible draw for our fundraising dinner, and she didn’t disappoint! Over 300 people attended the event, many because of her influence, and were incredibly moved by her music, her story and her soul. Tajči is more than just an ‘entertainer’, her beautiful voice carries an important message and stirs the hearts of the men and women who are blessed to hear it.”
— Kelly Gorsky, Board President/Founder, Waterleaf Women’s Center, Aurora, IL

“As pastor of two different parishes (Sacred Heart in Annawan, IL. (2005) and St. Mary’s in Westville, IL. (2008)) I can attest that my parishes both were spiritually uplifted and greatly blessed by Tajči. Her professionalism and more importantly, her spirituality, has left an indelible fondness for her family and for her mission of spreading the love of God, in Jesus Christ. If you have not yet had a “Tajči experience,” do so for the good of your parish and of your soul.”
— Fr. Timothy Sauppé, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Westville, IL.

“Tajči expresses with her God given talents a true sense of the Spirit working within her. Tajči and Matthew are truly a light in the world as examples of good parents and a committed marriage in a world that desperately needs positive models.”
— Fr. William Cocco Diocese of Wilmington Delaware.

“…on behalf of Fr. Larry and St. Michael the Archangel in Woodstock, GA. It has been a joy to have Tajči and crew to our parish in the past years. We have had all of you out to our parish for at least 3 concerts. All were well attended and our parishioners thoroughly enjoyed each performance. It has been truly moving and powerful to witness God working through her music and family life. Tacji’s concerts are an event meant to be heard by the whole family, her children usually help wrap up the concerts with their talented voices. What a blessing it has been to have shared her music (and family) with our parish!”
— Heidi Carignan, Administrative Assistant, St. Michael the Archangel, Woodstock, GA

“All Saints is truly blessed to have had the opportunity to have Tajči share her story and her music with us. What a thrill! Our pastor had nothing but positive comments along with many others who, quite frankly, aren’t the first to give a musical compliment. That’s huge! People are already asking when we can have her back, which we certainly hope to do again in years to come. As a passionate artist myself, I admire and hope to someday experience just a small piece of what Tajči gives to the world.”
— Ron Miller Jr., All Saints Church, Director of Music Ministries, Cincinnati OH

“Last evening Tatiana Cameron — Tajči performed in Erie, Pennsylvania. If I could ever imagine an angel from heaven singing, Tajči would truly be this angel. Her sincere love for God was so evident in both her singing, as well as her words of witness to her faith. As I recall her story of growing up in Crotia, I now understand why she left her superstardom in Central Europe as a pop singer. You see, I truly believe that God blesses every person with a gift, and we are to use this gift wisely. As it states in 1 Peter 4:10: As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace. Tajči has received the gift of a beautiful voice from God. She has transformed her life and now uses her beautiful voice both in singing and in speaking her personal testimony, all to the Glory of God. Last night I witnessed Tajči share her story through glorious music and Words of Scripture that were so moving, and in speaking with others afterwards, I can speak for many people that we truly felt the love of God pour out from her.”
— Mary Therese Craig, Executive Director, The Reason for Our Hope Foundation, Erie PA

“Toward the end of her performance, Tajči invited anyone in the audience to join her in singing. At first there were no takers, but then, our parishioner, Patrick McGuire, came forward and added his gifted voice to Tajči’s voice and together, they moved the minds, the hearts and the emotions of those present. From my place in the pews, it seemed like there was a “field of grace” enveloping them as they sang together, and brought the audience to their feet in great applause!”
— Monsignor McCormac, St. Frances Cabrini, Fairless Hills PA

“Tajči (Tatiana) Concert is worth the Spiritual Investment. If you are looking for a beautiful music program to inspire your parish and surrounding community, then invite Tajči (Tatiana) to your parish! The musical selections and singing at her concert will be uplifting to your faith and the faith of all who experience her ministry. I have attended her concerts, as well as worked with Tajči and her husband Matthew Cameron in bringing her to a parish in my community. The concerts have been incredible!!! Meeting and working with Tajči, Matthew and their family was also a wonderful experience. In planning the concert, Matthew is very helpful in giving you the ideas and tools to help promote the event. It really was easy to plan the event. The time invested in planning her concert was worth it. The blessings and graces received through this inspired ministry are worth the spiritual investment. Invite Tajči (Tatiana) to your parish, you, and you parish community will be blessed. In Christ,
— Fr. Jeff Stecz, Archdiocese of Philadelphia”

“I wanted to send a quick word of thanks for a great concert last Saturday. Tatiana’s program was nothing less than exceptional. I have heard only positive feedback from parishioners who attended. They had a beautiful experience of faith that evening – perfect for the season of Lent. Again, thank you for your ministry. Persevere.
— Father David Schalk, Christ the King Church, Columbus OH”

“My memory of having Tajči perform at our church was all the people that attend and their expressions on their faces as she performs is amazing to see how much she is an inspirational person to all the hearts she has touched.

So I encourage all people to actually sit and really listen to Tajči sing and how she will touch your hearts as she has touched mine and a lot of other’s.”
— Julie Factor, Akron OH

“You don’t ever want to pass up an opportunity to enjoy a program with Tajči!
An extremely talented musician, her voice reaches deep into your heart. That voice resounds with her ardent love of God, the Virgin Mary and Family Life.

The first time Tajči participated at the Medjugorje Peace Conference in Irvine, California, she literally brought the house down. Her music invited the Holy Spirit to fill the soul of each person in the arena. Through the years, Tajči has not lost any of the great grace she’s received for praising Jesus and Mary with song. The special gift from God of her voice just keeps getting better and better.”
— Joan Hosek, Coordinator – Medjugorje Peace Conference, Irvine CA

“Joy and a sense of belonging generally fall within the context of being drawn into the life of another. When Tajči sings, however, it is not just being drawn into the dangerous last journey of Jesus – it’s also being drawn into how Tajči holds the audience breathless. That’s because she doesn’t just sing His walk to death; she tells the story in gestures, knowing that she has entered into the scene with her entire being and those of us in the audience just watch and realize just how much we have needed this beginning. For me and those who spoke with me after Tajči concert at St. John in Wellsburg, WV, it was a concert of love and being able to hear a pin drop. In the audience, a child cried only when the proclaiming of Jesus’ death was sung by Tajči. She is more than holding one spowbound. She is proud of her voice and uses it as God gives her the grace and strength to sing and speak with faith and wisdom. Go and see and hear her now. Find her in the nearest place and go. I thank God for the opportunity we had.”
— Fr. Dan Pisano, St. John the Evangelist, Wellsburg, WV

“The personal experience that everyone had, was a great spiritual uplifting. Many of the people I spoke with said that they were happy because they felt like they had been on a spiritual retreat. Person A: mentioned “I don’t know how well she sings (Tajči), but I know it is amazing how she transmits the message of Jesus through her music”. Another person, Person B said: “I am not catholic but I assure you she really touched my heart the way she sings”. From my personal experience, I always say that Tajči has a special gift from God. The first time I met Tajči was in a Christmas Concert 2011 @ St. Bede’s Parish, in Holland, Pa; and from that moment on I said Tajči has to come to St. Hugh to bring her message of LOVE, AND HOPE. The most touching thing that I have to say is that I am very amazed at her love for her family and how the whole family works together to preach the Gospel through music. Tajči is a famous singer with a great simplicity of heart. Everyone I spoke with about the concert agreed on this virtue of Tajči. Person C: “I really thought the concert was too short.”
— Fr. Alexis Moronta, St. Hugh of Cluny, Philadelphia PA

The concert was very touching and one of our (male) parishoners remarked to me, ‘this was the first time I cried at a concert…’
— Ante – Bay Area, CA

“I am in Retreat Ministry and Tajči is the artist who can bring in our hearts Jesus and Mary,
and I would invite her again and again in a heart-beat! ”
— Linda M-Crisostomo

“Wonderful!!! Thank you, Jeff and Rita, for sharing this with us. She was unbelievable. I have been listening to her CD’s since we have returned home. What a gifted lady she is in so many respects. Thank you for all you did to have her be part of our convention!! With our love,
— Scott and Karen” WWME US Secretariat

“Hi Matthew and Tajči, Just wanted to share some news with you and ask for your prayers. My sister, Betty, is not doing very well. She is in Hospice House right on Lake Erie. It is a beautiful place. It seems she has only a few days left to live. We spend our time together praying the rosary together and listening to your CD, Let It Be, Mary’s Story. It is a great source of comfort to us.”
— Sue Kohut, SS. Cosmas and Damian, Twinsburg OH

“… As Annie and I are both totally blind, we are not taken in by your physical beauty as the people of your country were. We see the beauty of your voice, your spirit, and the love of Christ that is evident by the music you perform. You are truly an inspiration to my girlfriend Annie and myself. Thanks for being such an inspiration.”
— Jamie Davis

“Your wife is a wonderful singer who was given great talents by God. Please thank her for sharing those with us. My wife and I attended the concert in York, ME this evening and it was beautiful to listen to – just amazing. I hadn’t cried at a concert in years…. ”
— Vaughn Davis, MA

“I’ve been keeping up with all the fantastic tours that have taken place and that are in the future. Comments I’ve heard from people, “Where will Tajči be next? I want to bring all my family and friends.” “This is one of the few events you can bring people of all ages.” From my point of view as someone who helped set the event up, “This is the most stress-free event I had to organize for the parish; Matthew and Tajči’s team make everything easy and all runs so smoothly.”

Thank you for all you do in bringing the word of God to so many and for the sacrifices you make in doing so. Be assured of my continued prayers for you and your family.
God Bless,”
— Cathy Smith, Pastoral Associate, St. Luke the Evangelist Parish, Plaistow, NH

“My wife and I originally heard Tajči perform at an International convention of Worldwide Marriage Encounter in New Jersey in the summer of 2010, and we were mesmerized by her story, voice and artistry.

We had the opportunity to work with Tajči’s husband, Matthew, in arranging to bring Tajči to perform at our parish in West St. Louis County during the Christmas Season of December 2011.

The evening was enchanting, and we were successful in getting over 600 in the audience at our Church on a Friday evening. We were called at our home the very evening after the concert by a parishioner, thanking us for our efforts in bringing Tajči to St. Louis, and said that she chose not to go shopping that evening to come to the concert, and it turned out to be the greatest gift for her and her family that she could have received. To this day, now over 6 months from that date, we are still having people come up to us remarking how wonderful an evening it was for them and their children. Tajči touches the minds and hearts of all ages. .it is an evening that neither we nor anyone in our audience will ever forget.”
— Rene & JoAnn Lusser, St. Louis MO

“My favorite memory of Tajči at Nazareth Academy HS was when Tajči sang with one of our seniors.
The senior Tajči picked began as a very quiet and reserved freshman . Over the next 3 years she came into her own and began performing in our school musicals and singing in our choir. Singing with Tajči was like the icing on the cake as our school witnessed this magical moment as they sang together.The next day in school all were talking about that duet. It is something I’ll never forget. It was like God had His hand in picking the perfect student to perform with Tajči.

Also , the sharing Tajči did with our students about the importance of having God in your life and not compromising your values with the values of the outside world. That message reinforces our mission statement that represents our school. I know Tajči greatly impacted our students with her life story and the decisions she made to follow God’s plan for her.”
— Kathy Fitzgerald, Nazareth Academy HS, Philadelphia PA

“Being one of the privileged to be able to host Tajči and her family in my home was a gift sent from God. Getting to know her, Matthew, Dante, Evan, Blais and Denny allowed me a glimpse into the joyful sacrifices they all make to spread the Gospel of our Lord through her music. Their message is genuine… they do believe.”
— Mary Brown, St. Mary’s, Bangor ME

“We found Tajči’s concert to be very moving and uplifting. Her spiritual focus was very clear all who
attended her concert everyone went away feeling closer to God and closer to the church.”
— Rev. Charles C. Dillingham, St. Mary of the Assumption Church, Hockessin DE

“Ja sam ugostio Tajči u zupi gdje se nalazim vec pet puta. Odaziv je bio fantastican. Njezina glazba, prezentacija i poruka su bile dirljive. Podizu Duh, cine dobro. Imati njen koncert u zupnoj zajednici je blagoslov. Stoga srdacno preporucam njezin koncert svima. Njezini nastupi u nasoj zupi , na televiziji i drugim prigodama zaista su odusevili ljude.”
— Fra Jozo Grbes, St. Jeromes Croatian Catholic Church, Chicago IL

“We thoroughly enjoyed hosting our Tajči concert. Tajči and her family are lovely people, just like “the people next door.” The concert was great and moving. Tajči has a beautiful voice that she uses to glorify the Lord and bring her audience into a prayerful experience with Him.”
— Leo & Nancy Burkardt, St. Joseph Catholic Church, Strongsville OH

“…we feel her concerts are Spiritual and POWERFUL! Anyone who has not had opportunity to attend her concerts is missing out. Tajči is so devoted to Our Lady and demonstrates that devotion to her through music.”
— Jess & Rosalie Castillo, Santa Rosa Parish, San Fernando CA

“As we reflect on our “Tajči experience”, we think back about 8 years ago when we first met Tajči, Matthew, Dante, and Evan — no Blais then. Through a mutual friend, Tajči and Matthew extended a most gracious opportunity to our son to work with them as a member of their road crew. One of their tours brought them to our little state of Rhode Island. At the time, we really didn’t know much at all about Tajči or her beautiful, most inspiring music and personality — but since our son was working for her we thought we should show our support and go to a concert.

Well, though maybe not the best choice of words,” Blown Away” seems to most accurately describe our feelings both during and after this concert. The passion, talent, honesty, faith and love exhibited through Tajči’s music was something we had never experienced in our years of attending any other kind of performance. Tears, laughs, and cheers were all part of this evening as our religious faith was strengthened. We left that performance with emotions running high. As soon as we returned home, we checked the concert schedule and began making a list of all our relatives and friends we wanted to bring to the next concert. Of course, some thought we were promoting the concert because our son was working on this tour. Then, they too, experienced the performance and realized this surely was not the case. Everyone agreed, Tajči’s concert was a most inspiring, motivating, and entertaining event.

As time passed, our son left employment with Tajči and moved to Florida to be with his brother. However, our connection with Tajči and Matthew and family, and of course, Denny, has continued. Being able to host them in our home when their tour brings them to Rhode Island is one of our greatest pleasures. They are THE BEST guests.

We, and so many people we know, continue to attend Tajči’s concerts whenever she is in the New England area. Every concert brings us new feelings, new inspiration, and a new commitment to our faith. As often as we attend the concerts, we always leave looking forward to the next New England tour. We sincerely hope and pray that Tajči will continue touring the country and that more and more churches will host performances so their parishioners will also have the special chance to experience Tajči’s concert.

Our most sincere thanks to you, Tajči and Matthew, Dante, Evan, Blais, and Denny for sharing your talent, your friendship, and your faith with everyone. Most Sincerely,
— Tony & Jeanne Spyrka – Woonsocket RI

“I have had a privilege of following the work of accomplished artist, singer/ songwriter Tatiana Cameron (Tajči) and her partner, manager and husband Matthew Cameron over the course of ten years. It is with utmost respect that I recognize the importance and value of their dedicated work in the following areas:

1. Spiritual Value – over the length of their collaborative work, Tajči’s music has reached estimated live audience of 400,000 people in intimate and prayerful settings of some 650+ churches throughout United States. I have personally witnessed emotional and spiritual healing of many. Knowing how powerful music can be in eroding the psychological and emotional barriers that so often prevent a deep spiritual relationship with God, Tajči’s work is tremendously valuable to Catholic Church.

2. Artistic Value – the quality and professionalism of Tajči’s concert events, her video and audio recordings as well as the entire presentation package is extremely high. Such treatment of spiritual music is of utmost importance to the Church which has been supporting arts throughout the history, always making an effort to “give the God the best”

3. Business Ethic – Tajči and Matthew Cameron have succeeded in running their ministry without compromising spiritual or artistic value, while offering it free of charge to both the audiences and the parishes, which only adds credibility and authenticity to their work.

I highly recommend Tatiana Cameron (Tajči) and Matthew Cameron and recognize their work as a valuable treasure of today’s Christian world.”
— Rev. Ben Cameron, Fathers of Mercy, Bowling Green KY