Behind the scenes of “I Thirst” Tour – Lent 2013, featuring favorite moments and a song written by the cast.

“It was a great tour and at the end, the kids surprised me with a song: “We’re Going Home”. I never had a tour song, and I was deeply moved by the words and the beautiful music… it turned out they worked for many weeks to get this done (Lauren worked with the kids who each wrote their own verse, Dan and Sanya wrote the chorus and Matthew’s job was to keep me from finding out what they were up to!)” – Tajci

“We’re Going Home”
Music and lyrics by Dan Roeder, Sanya Mateyas, Lauren Spavelko, Dante, Evan and Blais Cameron.

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Many thanks to all the hosts/ parishes/ organizers who made the seven weeks on the road for us comfortable and enjoyable.

Thank you all!


Danko Puttar, talented young photographer and videographer from Croatia joined us for the last three weeks of the tour and managed to take beautiful tour footage AND film two music videos for Tajci’s upcoming album.

Check out “Love Lives On – Live” Danko filmed on Palm Sunday at our last concert of the tour. This song has been receiving great reviews from both people whose hearts it touches and music professionals.

Danko also filmed Tajci’s beautiful “All Is Possible” and “Crlena hiza” all available on our Video Page.