I believe each of us is called to bring Love and Healing into our world.

"When we were children, we believed. We weren't afraid to follow the dream that had been put in our heart by God - our Creator. As we grew and looked for our place in the world, we became less and less sure what was it that we were created for. As adults, in an effort to keep our families fed and housed, we often allow the outside voices to drown that whisper deep in our soul through which God speaks to us. In an effort to appear strong and winning at life, we numb our pain and distract from fear. Which only disconnects us even more... I spent my life so far discovering ways to heal, let go of fear and re-connect with my original purpose. I found that music which speaks to our soul is a divine path leading us back to God's love and grace." - Tatiana "Tajci" Cameron

If you’re interested in Tajci’s impressive credits and successes, check out her Wikipedia listing. If you want to know what she is REALLY about… read on…

“My passion is helping others find a way OUT of fear and INTO the beauty and truth of who they are created to be… halping to bring people into the awareness of the presence of God in our lives

When I was a teenage girl the world taught me that I was too weak to protect myself from the abusers and bullies and that the only way to deal with my feelings of fear and shame was to stay silent.

From that point on I mostly used my voice to sing. Music allowed me to connect with people and at the same time stay safe.

At the age of 19, I became a pop superstar (in my native Croatia) and I was made into a doll. The doll was a beautiful, picture-perfect shell that millions of people loved and adored. But it also became my prison in which the imperfect, broken and scared ‘me’ was stuck. All I was ‘good for’ was to smile and let others play with me as they pleased.

My best friend knew I was dying inside and she set up for me a meeting with God. I grew up in Communism and I was scared of whom I would meet. But it was Love that showed up. Love that loved the ME inside and healed all that had been broken in me. I wanted Love to stay with me.

I let God who Loved me the way I was – with all of my fears, pain and brokenness – fill me with courage and guide me as I left my successful career to come to America. The land of the free and the home of the brave was where I thought I too would learn to be courageous and free to re-discover and restore who I was.

But pretty pictures of the (fake) American dream posted on many loud ‘billboards’ and signposts along my path offered a new ‘safe’ place in which I could hide my shame, guilt and fear to speak my truth. I found myself once again putting up a great front in order to ‘fit in’ while inside I was fighting with depression, anxiety and my husband.

I felt I was stuck in a repeating pattern, a circle, a pretty carousel unable to get off. Nothing changed and nothing helped until I turned inward and began to peel off the many layers of other people’s definitions of success and happiness.

I identified the lies I accepted about myself and as I worked through them I began to heal. Silencing the world around me and going into the core of ‘me’ I met God again. I learned that through God’s grace and Love I was capable of loving, healing and uplifting others. I understood that God who is Love is the Source of Life; Creator of all visible and invisible; the strength that helps us get out of our unhealthy patterns and prisons of fear, shame, guilt and anger; the Grace that always has our back, so we can show up with confidence to make a difference in our world.

The amount of healing, abundance of blessings and love that I’ve experienced since that turning point, has been incredible!

I want to share it with YOU.

I write about it, speak and sing, even coach and mentor. I discovered a lot of this through performing over 1,000 i Do Believe concerts in which I got to reflect and meditate on life of Jesus – each time a little deeper. My biggest passion now is to pass onto you all the good stuff I learned – in hopes to help YOU on your journey.

With love and gratitude,


P.S. If you’d like to invite me to speak to your group or parish, send me an email: tajci.official@gmail.com!