“What a wonderful concert of the heart. I wasn’t able to talk to you. You had a long line out the door…good right! My daughter is named Tatyana I bought a cd for her and myself…..wonderful night Thank you!”

It was a beautiful and very powerful evening. There were many hearts touched (some shared with me their experience of being moved during the concert) and I want to thank all for the hard work they put it in to make this happen.

My singing and the beautiful music was only one of the links in the chain (I’m thinking a beautiful gold chain-link necklace as beautifully crafted as a “Tiffany” – not the ones used to lock up gates and bicycles 😉

It was wonderful to have all the excited volunteers, the Life Teen band that did such a great job – I couldn’t have hoped for a better opening act!

In our travels we have visited many parishes, and it’s always such joy to come to a Church home that truly feels like a ‘home’ for all.

Big thank you!